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At Walk FM we love having fun but we do have to have rules…

  • Only legal residents of the Walk FM geographical listening area of Kentucky, Ohio or West Virginia are eligible to win.
  • Only one (1) prize per household every sixty (60) days.
  • Winners agree to allow Walk FM to use their name and/or likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation. All calls coming in to Walk FM may be recorded and aired on the radio station without further approval.
  • Failure to claim prize(s) from Walk FM within thirty (30) days of notification will result in forfeiture of prize(s).
  • Prizes are non-transferable, no substitutions are permitted.
  • Winners are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes in conjunction with any prize won on Walk FM. Any and all federal, state and local laws apply to contests.
  • Any additional costs related to a prize that may be incurred as a result of accepting a prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • For specific contests, Walk FM reserves the right to impose an age limit.
  • Walk FM may not be held responsible for any technical or mail difficulties. For example: phones that result in a potential winner being disconnected on studio lines, or mail lost by the post office.
  • If a prize becomes unavailable, Walk FM will make a good faith attempt to substitute another prize but is not obligated to replace the prize.
  • Walk FM will not be responsible or held liable for prizes awarded to an event that is canceled due to circumstances that are out of our control.
  • With respect to any disputes regarding contests, the decision of Walk FM will be final.
  • Walk FM has the right to change the rules or discontinue any contest at any time. Employees of Walk FM, its clients, or associated agencies, vendors and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
  • Void where prohibited.

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Post-its for Prayer

Share your prayer request

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall, "Dear God. . . .", using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.


My home will be paid off in December. My son and I live on limited income, but I need to have some repairs done to the house, Please pray for God to open some doors for me to get the repairs done.

Received: May 19, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 7 times.


I am a Cancer patient, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and my last scan showed only one node still affected on my left lung so I am up for round 3 of radiation, but no chemo this time. I am so thankful to my Lord for the healing He has already provided. This time around, there is another issue. I have an infection in my spine, and its causing me lots of issues, so the doc says I'll have to have IV Prednisone therapy for a few days after radiation to try and heal it up. Its causing me to be very sick. Y'all please pray that the Lord will heal this problem, too, so that I can live a healthy life. I'm tired of being sick. I don't let it stop me from doing the things that are important, but it sure does keep me down afterwards. I thank y'all for listening, and I thank the Lord that this wall of prayer exists. Thank you, Jesus.

Received: May 18, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.


Last night I found out that my nephew was kicked out of his house and is on herion. He is just 23. He is staying with another family member that has young children. Please pray God will break the addiction and protect the children. Pray that that he gets help. Pray for my family. It was a complete shock. We are a really close family.

Received: May 17, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 23 times.


Please pray for my family. We have a 5 month old foster daughter who was a drug baby. Rights have been terminated by the state. Now the state is trying to strong arm us into taking in 3 half-siblings who are teenagers. They say they want to keep them all together, but at least want us to take 1. We don't want to lose our foster daughter, but we are not able to care for a 5 month old AND a teen at this time. We are almost at the point where we can adopt our daughter. Please pray for us.

Received: May 9, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 27 times.


My wife and I are both Christians, but for a long time, she was and I wasn't. Satan really tried to tear our family apart. She is having a really hard time getting over how I treated her before I got saved. I love her with all my heart, and she says she loves me too, but I can barely get her to look at me or talk to me. I've been praying for a healing of our marriage every single day, but it just never seems to get any better. PLEASE pray for me and my family. We've been married nearly 20 years and have 2 great kids together. Pray for her and pray for us, please.

Received: May 8, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 20 times.


Please pray for healing for a dear friend who had a heart attack this week. Thank you all so much and may God bless you as well!!

Received: May 5, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 22 times.


I am currently without a job. I have been praying for a job about 2 months. I've applied everywhere and no luck. I have no source of income at all. I have bills to pay. I'm so stressed out from worrying how am I going to pay rent, but I know God does things on his timing, and I just pray I can get a job soon and God will put me where he wants me. Thank you.

Received: May 4, 2017

I prayed for this

Prayed for 19 times.


My mom has arthritis on her spine, and it is getting worse every day. She is a Christian who puts ALL her trust in God, but she has been in a wheel chair since 2011. Surgery is not an option, and she does not want to take prescribed medications. Please pray that God will heal her. She needs all the prayers she can get, for physical and emotional health, as this is taking its toll on her. Her name is Debra. Thanks So Much!!!

Received: May 3, 2017

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Jeremiah 2:28
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